Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I am a little bit sad....

We meet again my dear blog, how are you today? Well, as for me, I am fine…just a little bit tired cause I went shopping for Hari Raya with my loved one….hahahah…don’t be jealous k…

Well, I guess this will be my last blog before Hari Raya and don’t you worry my blog, I will keep on blogging as I do feel now that we are best friends…..heheheh…I will keep you up to date with lemang, ketupat, satay, rending, almond London….huhuhuh…and how is my Hari Raya at my lovely home….

So, I am a little bit sad, because the semester is at the end already, I am going to miss this course, especially Mr. Smartboard..hukhukhuk…. I feel that I am going to cry now…. I do hope that I will meet again with Mr. Smartboard for the next semester.

As for this course, Technology for Primary Classroom, I would say that the input that have been given for us by the lecturer and facilitator, mostly lovely Prof Maznah, serious yet funny, Ms Ng, the madam of Smartboard, Miss Fenny and also Miss Chin are very useful in my future teaching career. I would like to say thanks to all of you because you have opened my eyes and mind about this IT world.

Now, I know that we could use ICT to make lesson become more interesting, fun, interactive and most important of all, motivate our students to learn. It is a tool that we can adapt throughout the teaching process with the capability of our students. Students will have the opportunity to experience, and learn by themselves through mistakes and trial and error. I wish that this course would never end.

Well, I guess that’s it, I want to apologize to all the lecturers and facilitator for the wrong things that I have done that might hurt your feeling either intentionally or unintentionally. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry! I want to wish all my friends ‘Selamat Hari Raya’….

Till then,

Peace Out….

Monday, October 8, 2007

Hello for how many times I do not know my dear blog….

Sorry, for I am quite stressful as for this week there were a lot of assignments, huhuhuhu……

Well, what do you want me to tell you my dear blog?

Presentation? Owh…I see…yerp, presentation of the Smartboard activity right? Ok…

Well, after all the hustle tussle in doing the Smartboard assignment, the time has come to present it to the whole world, oopsss….to the whole class. I was amazed by Teoh presentation actually, because she took all the trouble to do about 100 slides! It was so amazing and even some of my friends tell her that she should do courseware for the Ministry of Education. Hhuhuhhu…you are brilliant Teoh. I salute you!

The lecturer called the group one by one, and they will present it and other group will give some feedback to the presentation so that the group that is presenting will take notes on some mistakes that they have made and improve on it.

And the time has come for me to present, I was so nervous because I feel that my activity is not as good as everyone else, but if I kept going on like that, when will I improve myself, right blog? Hehehehe.

So, I went in front and present my ‘Phases of The Moon’. and what do you know, I presented it well…I am proud with myself. And the best part was that the one who are going to comment on me is not my friends, but the facilitator….huhuhuhuh… they commented on the size of the font and also the background and font colour, about the activity? They like it very much! They feel that it is appropriate and suitable for the students….huhuhu…thank you my facilitator….

So that is all for now, ops….wait up, I want to tell you that I am now capable of doing an activity using the smartboard and I will use it in my future teaching so my teaching and learning process will be more interesting and engaging….thank you Prof Maznah, because introducing me with the use of Smartboard!!! Arigato!

Till then, Peace out….

Smartboard Assignments...arghhhhhhh

Hello again my dear blog….

Well, I am here to tell you another story on the techno class….

Hehehe…it was quite stressful week for me as we got an assignment to be done….

Well, guess what…. we have to develop a Smartboard activity for primary classroom.

Hurm, as fast as lightning, my group, Keri, Caroline and Muhafiz sat down together and discuss on the topic. Keri will be doing Math activity, Caroline on English and Muhafiz too and as for me I’m doing science activity.

Well, at first I do not know actually how does this Smartboard work, I tried to create an activity just exactly like what have been shown to us earlier and what do you know, I finish my first entire night of the week just to get a hold onto it. But, that is not all, all the hardship of the first entire night was only a little proportion of Smartboard. There was more to come.

At first, I chose an activity called “life cycle of frogs”. I put the frog’s life cycle and students need to put the correct picture inside the cycle, but the problem is I do not know how to show whether the picture they put was correct or not. I was stuck there, thinking and thinking hard how to do it. When I was in class, I never asked on any explanation on how actually the teacher did the activity, and I paid for that.

So, when the next class is on, I quickly asked Izzwaida and Teoh (thanks for all the trouble you take for me, I owe both of you!) on how am I going to be able to do that. At first, they too encountered the same problem, but then, Izz taught me on how to link the page with other pages. Just like the Internet. (I never thought that Smartboard can do that linking…I guess I underestimate the programme…hahaha) and now I finally got the grasp of the Smartboard and I could do more on my activity on the ‘life cycle of a frog’. Thanks Izz and Teoh.

After all that, come another problem, all of my friends say that you need to make an activity that are in the Curriculum Specification. Owh…how can I did know that….so, the life cycle now can cycle away, even the topic is in the curriculum specs, but I do not feel appropriate as it is in small portion under the big topis of ‘Life and Processes’.

So I changed my topic to ‘Phases of the moon’ for standard five students. In this activity, they need to match the correct picture with the correct moon phase cycle. In the second activity, they will learn the name of the phases, and they need to spell it correctly. In the third activity, they need to match the correct name of moon phase to the correct picture. And I was very satisfied with my work….


After finishing all those things, I realized that Smartboard is a tool that can help teacher enhance their style of teaching and learning process and at the same time motivate the students and keep them engage in the learning process. Thank you Smartboard!!!!

Till then,

Peace Out…..

P/S : next, time for presentation….get ready and Go!!!!

introducing Mr. Smartboard!!!!

Hello there my dear blog,

As I have promised you…. I am here again to introduce you one programme that may make Teaching and Learning process more interesting and interactive. Let me introduce you, ‘Smartboard’.

What is Smartboard actually, well during the day, I did now anything until one cute lady came into the class and talk about using Smartboard in the classroom. Introducing you, the cute Smartboard master, Ms Fenny, to tell you the truth blog, she is a cute lady.

Well, basically based on the explanation given by the master of Smartboard, it is a tool which is connected to the CPU and projector. The touch-sensitive display connects to your computer and digital projector to show your computer image. You can then control computer applications directly from the display, write notes in digital ink and save your work to share later. The best thing is, it has 4 coloured marker, red, green, blue and black which you have to put them in their correct box (because the sensor could not differentiate the color if you put them wrongly..hehe) and a duster. It may look simple, but it is not. As we project anything on the board, for example; notes that the students need to read, we could use the marker to highlight anything that we feel important for the students. I was amazed by that since the first day of class when Prof. Maznah used that technique.

Ms Fenny also showed some examples of activities that is developed using the Smartboard Notebook Software. There was plenty of interesting activity that could be done using the software. I do feel that the activities that was developed using the Smartboard is interactive and would help energize presentation and motivate learners.

Ms Fenny also gives us a lot of input on how to use the Smartboard Software. We can attach songs and videos, paste pictures from the gallery, used different style of line, smiley line, rainbow line which is very interesting. She also taught us on how we could group the words or objects, lock it in place, clone it infinitely and more. Some of my friends also were given the opportunities to try using the Smartboard where they try out the activities and also demonstrate their understanding of Smartboard. Ah Mei, one of my friend had been called out and she need to teach us by using the smartboard activity, and even she called other friends to take part in the teaching and learning process. Hahhaah…by the way, you are a great teacher Ah Mei….

After all the lecture and demonstration, we are then asked to create a fun activity using the Smartboard for the primary pupils. We choose a topic on science, ‘living-things with non-living things’. We just put pictures of the living and non-living things and students need to drag the picture according to the spaces that have been provided. The

The activity is simple yet interesting and easy for students to understand. We also receive good comments…hehehehe.

Well, enough said of the presentation. Do you want to know what I think about this interactive whiteboard?

Personally, I feel that Smartboard is really useful to motivate learners and keep them engaged with the lesson. It also help teacher to be more creative and imaginative. Long live Smartboard! Thanks for the input Ms Fenny.

Till then,

Peace out!

p/s: next : Assignment on Smartboard….arghhhhh!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

arghhh!!!!! Exam time!

Actually, i do not know how to start this, as i am in mental block condition....tomorrow i have a test on ICT in primary classroom...i am so afraid that i might do well....plus i do not know what is going to be in the paper. i hope the test would not be so difficult.
I'm really in a condition that no one even myself could not describe it. oh..God, please help me in tomorrow exam.....do give me some hint, is it going to be smartboard, ICT learning principles, poster, power point presentation? owh...whatever come out, i hope i can do all my best in the test....
huhuhuh...time really goes by, it is now the 12th week, and we are going to end the semester in two week's time....huhuhu...i am going to miss this class for next semester, this class has really taught me a lot about ICT and things that i could incorporate in my teaching in the future. with smartboard, skills of power point presentation, plus on skills on how to integrate ICT in the classroom, i hope it will be going to help me in my teaching Career. thank you to all who have help me a lot in this courses, especially Prof Maznah, Miss Ng, Miss Chin, Miss Fenny and all my friends that have supported me a lot....
LOng LiVe ICT!

p/s: in my next blog i am going to tell more about what has happened in the last few weeks....Wait and See!!! da

Saturday, August 25, 2007

mErDeKa!!!! with poster?

As for this week, hahaha....we were introduced to someone that we called her 'akak'....i am truly sorry as i can recalled her name...the introductory was so short that i can't even remember her name....but she is a very sweet person...
We were introduced on 'how to make a poster'...by using the computer. I hardly knows that we could make posters by using computer+power point...i am amazed!
We were asked to do a poster on the 50th celebration of Malaysia independence day! oh...how we love that...being a good countrymen, we feel that it is appropriate to show how we love our country by making a poster on our country independence day....how lovely!
We found out that, it is not so hard to make a poster, even children could do it, but we need to facilitate them in case they need some help.. i think it is good if we can integrate this in classroom..it makes students more creative, exploring new things and more....
As usual, we need to present it in front of the whole class, some feedback were given:

1. We must make sure the font, the colour of the font, the background colour blend well, as our viewer might not able to see it from far.
2. We must make sure the size of the words are visible to all, near or far.
3. And, the important thing is, the poster must look great and good!!! if not, who is going to view it...rite? hahahhaha...

That is the end of the lesson, i think we really learn about something useful that we can integrate in our classroom by using technology..thank god i am in this class!!! bye...
with love.....

Friday, August 24, 2007


Huhuhuhu....it is now the fourth week...
Today we just learn ab
out ICT and the learning principles of the Primary School Curriculum....

I notice that ICT offers not only teacher but also children educational resources to extend their learning environment. ICT can help a lot in enhancing student's potential in learning and teachers in teaching as it could make the teaching and learning process more interesting and engaging.

Using ICT in teaching and learning environment may be approached in three ways.

1. Learning about ICT
2. Learning through ICT
3.Learning with ICT

All these three components shares with each other. In other words, they work hand in hand. The process of learning happens simultaneously together. These functions are inter-related and mutually supportive.

ICT enable students to learn in new way,
interesting way...in coherent with the 21st century. With the support of ICT, it may not possibble for us to develop a human being who have all the great abilities. ICT makes them more creative, helping them to learn better, thus making them understand. Long live the ICT!!!!!